What is a brownfield?

A brownfield is a property that is either abandoned, inactive, or may not be operated at its designated usage due to the presence of contamination, hazardous materials, or petroleum that pose a threat to human health and the environment.

Brownfields are common today throughout industrialized countries and are generally present as a result of abandoned factories, petroleum distribution facilities, dry cleaners, transportation hubs, and other industrial/commercial operations.

Brownfields are often unmistakable given the associated blighted appearance although some brownfields may appear as natural fields that may have previously contained a industrial/commercial operation that incurred an adverse environmental impact to the property. While brownfields often present challenges in re-use these underutilized properties are increasingly being remediated and redeveloped, resulting in a wide array of community and economic benefits.         


Brownfields, LLC - 6560 S. old state road 37, bloomington, in

Fields Environmental's first brownfield remediation project was the former RCI Facility located on the south side of Bloomington, Indiana. RCI was a recycling facility that was contaminated by illegal dumping practices resulting in heavy metals contamination. The facility is now the home of Thickstun Glass Company. 

Brownfields II, LLC - 1740 Georgia Avenue, Connersville, in

The site of the former Greene Manufacturing facility in the historic industrial district of Connersville, Indiana. A portion of the facility is in use by Taggert Custom Sandblasting. The facility has a new roof, new heating system, new windows and doors as well as ADA ramps and restrooms. Fields poured and finished concrete over several former service pit locations. 


Brownfields III, LLC - 1309 west vernal pike, bloomington, in

The site is the former home of Ed Greene Salvage, a family junkyard that operated for more than thirty years.  Brownfields III is the current site of Fields Environmental's headquarters.  During the remediation phase, ninety-five tri-axel loads of contaminated soil were removed. 

Brownfields IV, LLC - 229 west first street, bloomington, in

The original owner and operator of the site was Standard Oil of Indiana, a company spearheaded by John D. Rockefeller, that constructed the building in 1918.  The site operated as a bulk oil storage/distribution facility through a series of ownership changes prior to its ultimate closure in 2005.  After remediation activities performed by Fields the site received a no-further-action (NFA) letter from the Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) in May 2015.   

Brownfields VI - 926 East Hillside Drive & 1520 South Huntington drive

The site is the former location of the Midland Cut Stone Company that operated the site as a producer of dimensional limestone and other cut limestone products.